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Professional Services & Mission

unity churchOur Mission is one of offering not only the traditional, but, the latest technologically advanced professional services in the Hill Country, with computer-aided design, visualization, specifications, and professional drafting services.

The ability to design cost effective sustainable structures is best measured by our clients who operate and maintain our designs.  References are available on request.

Truly cost effective buildings balance initial costs with on-going costs.  For example, the least expensive air conditioning system at construction time may prove very expensive to operate, if it is energy wasteful, not zoned properly, or has high maintenance expense. 

The ability to perceive and evaluate these balances depends on a professionalís depth of experience.


Our strength is in the experience and skill to work with our clients to balance the three design and construction variables of cost, quality and scope, 

then apply that balance to achieve the most aesthetically-pleasing and client-need-satisfying design possible. 

We use three key components to control costs for our clients: 

1) Realism: setting budgets and estimating costs requires a realistic and pragmatic approach.  Early wishful thinking can be disastrous at bidding time.  

2.) Courage:  If a clientís desires begin to exceed their budget, it is our responsibility to make this known and deal with it at that time.    

3.) Experience:  We have a wealth of years of experience and cost data from previous projects to apply, plus many sources for pricing special features, such as sustainability or green building.

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