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Kerr County Courty House Project - Civic Designs

Historical Preservation   

Renovations of the 1926 Courthouse and Annex into offices for numerous county departments, including Commissioners' Court, Auditor, Attorney, Justices of Peace, District Courts and Clerk. Ultimately $3 million of total projects affecting 55,000 square feet of space. Rejuvenated 1976 addition to remove jail, add two courtrooms, provide 9,000 square feet lower level expansion space, renovated offices on two floors of 1926 Courthouse, total re-roofing, complete heating and cooling and re-work electrical system of entire 55,000 square feet complex. img0030
One additional charge of the County Commissioners in this renovation was to improve visually the 1976 Annex (seen in the "before" photo) to blend with the 1926 Beaux Arts original.  The original Annex structure was not designed with sufficient redundancy to allow hanging the new facade; therefore, a whole new exterior skin was required to meet that mandate and Texas Historical Commission Courthouse Standards.



Of no small consequence was preservation appearance, thus this  emulation to echo the Beaux Arts effect, including Palladian symmetry evident in new rear exit and service entry, right down to matching Sally Port doors on the east and west elevations. 

Most Texas Courthouse Squares seem to acquire historic military hardware.  Kerr County is blessed with a large green square space for displays.  This Civil War era cannon donated by one of our earlier clients, just as this renovation completed was assisted in its site placement by our overall site planning effort. 

District Court #2 viewed from each direction is primarily a civil courtroom and has the advantage of natural light. Kerr County is somewhat unique for a rural county to house 2 District Courts, covering several adjoining counties, thus the dire need for additional court room space to expedite adjudication. 

Larger District Court #1 was formerly the jail exercise yard. It boasts two remote- controlled ceiling-recessed projection screens and an adjacent security cell and direct elevator to the sally port below for criminal cases. The District Clerk's office (below) was sculpted from the previous district courtroom.

The marble and glass public Elevator Lobby serves as the physical link and needed visual break between the contrasting renovated 1976 Annex and the Historical 1926 Courthouse.  The Lobby opens immediately on to the Jury Assembly Space for processing jurors for both District Courtrooms and Court-at-Law.

1926 Courthouse transept lobby maintains its historical Beaux Arts decor, while providing access to County Commissioners Courtroom, County Auditor, JP Court, Commissioners and County Judges Offices. Restrooms are ADA compliant and all offices centrally heated and cooled. 

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