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"Truant Student" Houston, Texas   "Hambergers, beer and lot's of fun!"

Featured here:  Mike (under the clock) and his "truant student crew" ~ Mother & father, sister and his very good friend and employees.  Interior Design maintained the previous "Old Abbott School House" theme, even proudly displaying old signage in amongst the Truant Student's design.  Still making the "perfect burgers" and providing the best gadabout dinning experience available, while keeping a family budget in mind.

Who said we have to grow up!

Architect , Mike Walker (posing under the clock, second from the left) brings a special

and "one-of-a-kind" working professional background to helping develop restaurant solutions.

 He and his architactual and interior design solutions can specialize in 

restaurants and hospitality in a way that no other can.

Years of experience in food service and consumer hospitality provides a unique perspective for design solutions that fit any atmosphere. 

Environments that create automatic "word of mouth advertising" that keeps the consumers and their friends coming back. 

Add good food and excellent service and you have a "win-win" situation for complete sucess!

It is not a matter of "tossing up" a sign and opening the door, turning on the grill and hanging clever messages here or there ~ it requires forethought and personal and professional planning. 

Restaurant designs and architecture, whether it is restorative space or new, is all about getting everything to being part of "one design ~ one idea to provide a unique service."


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