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Historical Restoration & Preservation

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GRONA HOUSE, Kerrville, Texas:  Reconstruction/Restoration Project of a 1890 residence for use as the Kerrville Board of Realtors MLS Offices.

In order for historical structures to survive there must be a "raison d'etre."  Whether it be an office like MLS, a dining establishment like the Depot, retail, museum, living quarters, or other current use, the greatest criteria in a retrofit is to be economically feasible in order to create a stream of income or other economic benefit, not to be a merely a visual, nostalgic touchstone.  This delicate balance must be carefully weighed by owner and his/her architect, lest it become neither economically feasible nor historically significant.  We do not do "slip-cover architecture."  

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As an Associate Architect with Denny & Ray we performed restorations on numerous projects for the Heritage Society. The Long Row (Stores) reconstruction, which in 1937-1939 served as the original capitol of the fledgling Republic of Texas, was originally at the site of the Rice Hotel. 

The Pillot House was the early family residence of the Texas grocery giant Henke & Pillot.  All restorations were eventually relocated or reconstructed accurately in Sam Houston Park in Downtown Houston, Texas, along Buffalo Bayou, a few blocks upstream from the Harrisburg Turning Basin.


With the Kerr County Historical Commission we were instrumental in the saving of "Old Tivy School," including the raising of $100,000 in supplemental funds for restoration over and above what the District was willing to spend   Old Tivy serves as the Administrative Offices for Kerrville Independent School District since 1984.  Killis Almond AIA, of San Antonio, was the architect of  record.  We acted as the architectural representative to the Commission. 

Our restoration/reconstruction experience from the original Capitol of Texas in Houston to the Kerrville MLS Office to the Comfort Library to the Old Tivy School to historic homes gives you the benefit of our experience across Texas in assuring value is engineered into your project and every structure has a "reason to be."
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