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Old Kerrville Depot   -  Restaraunt Designs and Renovation Servicies for historic buildings:

 1980-1985     Mike Walker, architect and restaurant owner, relocated to Texas Hill Country and then focused his attention of restoring the 1915 SA&AP train station.  His unique ability to focus on historical space and develop and adapt spacial designs into a unique new establishment.  He created family-operated OLD KERRVILLE DEPOT and gadabout dining establishment, which was later sold and continues to be a restaurant in Kerrville, only it does not feature the "historical significance of the building" and railroads of the past.


Restaurant Design - Value in "dollars & cents"
In addition to the excellent food and service, a restaurant's sucess can be measured by the type of customers it draws.  Design features and spacial layout are key to sending a message about the type of patrons an establishment would like to service.

It is crucial that you understand and the message you would like to communicate to the consumers you would like to serve.  The owners' personality and staff service should blend into the establishments overall layout and design flow and how personnel will interact together with the consumers.

All this does not have to be expensive.  Our firm can work with most budgets, we do not just work with high endrestaurant designs.  We like unique and interesting challenges and "love restoring or preserving history."

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