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"Old Abbott School"  - Gadabout Dining Establishment:
1974-1978  Created and operated OLD ABBOTT SCHOOL and gadabout dining establishment, Houston, Texas.

Old Abbott School was a unique dining experience. 
It expressed the history of the building and highlighted the "fun days of childhood" now in a grown up dinning establishment ~ complete with pinball machines, chalk to write on the walls and games.

It became know for it's burgers and excellent food, while keeping it simple.
The interior design and unique utilization of space significantly increased the success of the restaurant and overall unforgettable dinning experience.
Taking an old "nothing building" and making something unique about it and it's history are part of what makes restaurant architecture a challenge.  Everything must be part of one thought or theme.  This firm likes to "think out of the box."

Restaurant architecture does not have to come for the "cookie cutter" brand boxes.  You can establish a very unique or "one of a kind" establishment that expresses your identity.

We can help with that ~ we specialize in "unique" - totally expressions of your designs and desires for your establishment.

Mike Walker can provide all of that from his professional experience and creative design ideas; who better than the man that was noted to have created the atmosphere to serve the perfect hamberger ~ Houston Business Journal, week of August 16, 1976 -
"Old Abbott School: A search for the perfect hamberger over!"

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