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Restaurant Consulting & Design Solutions



Our firm consulted as Owner’s Representative on the Dietert Center,

a facility for senior citizens and other civic functions. 

We offered consulting for programming, design criteria, kitchen design, operations, inspections,

and final acceptance recommendations for the Dietert Board. 

Years of experience in food service combined with architectural expertise offered the solutions needed.

A restaurant design sends a message to the consumer.  Consequently it is very important to discuss and design the type of atmosphere that will cater to the type of patron that would match the design of an establishment.  Developing the building layout and style multiplies the value of the interior overall experience of dinning, because it communicates your message even though the guests may be waiting in a lobby, using the facilities, during their meals and when they exit and pay their bills. 

All the design ~ from the food to the walls ~ is vital to the success of the establishment, no mater how little or small.

Note: Peter Lewis Architects was the building's original Architect of record. 

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