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Winston Carriage House

The owner needed storage, display space for his original Hollywood movie posters, antique cars, and model cars collection.  This six-place car garage or "carriage house" filled the need.  CSI of Kerrville built display units.




Beyond this 1937 Ford leads to her work and exercise space, as well as, the central electrical and plumbing center for the complex.  


Carriage House entrance is to her work and exercise space.  The vent cupolas are functional - depending on the seasons.  The attics above offer almost 1,000 square feet of storage space.  Garage doors by Schilling of Kerrville are overlaid with recycled longleaf pine. 


On 500+ acres, nestled comfortably in the Hill Country on a major creek at the juncture a constant flow tributary, the Main and Carriage houses are one with the prairie.  The North-South orientation maximizes the view, captures the breeze, and utilizes natural light while minimizing the harsh Texas summer sun.


North view of Carriage House reveals concentrated service entrance for utilities: transformer for  underground power and telephone, as well as remote LPG tank, 10,000 gallon water storage TV and satellite internet service for the complex.  View from similar design Pump House, which controls water from the wells for buildings, garden, landscaping irrigation, future barn, and other planned structures.


Fording creek entry, ascending the steep grade, gates feature steel custom horse sculptures, high game fences, lighted planters  and flags. 
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