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Attic Space & Future Expansion
~ Energy Efficiency Planning at it's very best! ~


Combinations of exposed timber and conventional wood framing define this Master Bedroom.  Merillac foam in roof achieves maximum insulating capabilities and minimum air-infiltration.  Five and one-half-inch Owens-Corning BIBS insulation does similar duty for walls, plus acts as sound isolation between spaces.


The two large attics (2, 000 s.f.) in the Main House are framed, plumbed, and HVAC prepared for future occupancy with six dormers, stairways, and sound insulated floors.
High quality pull-down stairs are designed to be replaced with permanent steps, should the attic(s) be finished-out and occupied in the future.

Carriage House also has massive 8 ft. wide x 127 ft. storage which is within the Merillac insulation envelope, which can be vented via gables and cupolas in mild weather or sealed for extreme heat/cold.   

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